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Basin_MapwithMSAClogoMSAC is eagerly awaiting announcement of a Title IX Task Force meeting sometime in August possibly.

The Missouri River Restoration Act of 2000 was included in Public Law 541 otherwise known as the Water Resources Development Act of 2000 (more commonly known as WRDA 2000). Title IX creates the Missouri River (South Dakota) Task Force, which is to provide advice and recommendations to the Corps of Engineers relating to the use of Title IX funds. These federal funds are made available for conservation, sediment control and the protection from erosion of historical and cultural sites along the Missouri River.

The purpose of the law is to reduce the siltation of the Missouri River. Title IX of WRDA 2000 addresses those needs in South Dakota. Title VII of WRDA 2000 addresses those needs in North Dakota.

Another purpose is to meet the objectives of the Pick-Sloan program by developing and implementing a long-term strategy:

  • to improve conservation in the Missouri River  watershed;
  • to protect recreation on the Missouri River from sedimentation;
  • to improve water quality in the Missouri River;
  • to improve erosion control along the Missouri River; and
  • to protect Indian and non-Indian historical and cultural sites along the Missouri River from erosion.

Currently, the Title IX Task Force of South Dakota is identifying potential projects. Funding is limited at this time. Meetings are not expected to be scheduled until the current appointments are verified by the Corps.

Find the original legislation in 106th Congress Public Law 541. (Water Resources Development Act of 2000)

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