Agency seeks alternative plan for Highway 12 near Niobrara

Agency seeks alternative plan for Highway 12 near Niobrara

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In a press release dated Nov. 20, the Nebraska Department of Roads announced it would withdraw its Section 404 permit application for Alternate A7, Nebraska Highway 12 – Niobrara East and West project.

The public voiced strong opposition at a hearing Nov. 9th in Niobrara. Citizens cited road safety concerns at the proposed location and hardships on landowners and farming/ranching operations. Several at the meeting also pointed out the need to address the root of the problem, sedimentation.

MSAC’s Executive Director Sandra Stockholm attended the meeting and offered comments electronically. The costs of addressing the problems of sedimentation continue to grow.

“We recognize the need for Nebraska to ensure safe roadways for the traveling public. However, there are other ways to accomplish this by addressing the root of the problem – sedimentation. Putting this off only allows the costs associated with maintaining what is impacted by sediment to grow. Unmanaged sedimentation in and around the Missouri River reservoirs is a cost the public cannot afford,” Stockholm wrote.

In its press release, the Nebraska Department of Roads indicated it would work with the Corps to find an alternative solution along the existing Highway 12.

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